Monday, February 22, 2010

Teacher and Staff Wellbeing Project!

I am very proud to announce that the website for the Teacher and Staff Wellbeing Project was launched this week! Vespagraphics designed the site for Oregon Research Institute.
ORI wrote a grant proposal to the National Institutes of Health with a plan to address the problem of teacher burnout. NIH funded The Teacher and Staff Wellbeing Project to implement and evaluate the effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) in 48 Oregon Middle Schools. While stress cannot be eliminated, ACT has potential for increasing the well being of teachers and creating a more vital, collegial and productive educational environment. ORI expects that participation in this study will reduce stress, increase staff wellbeing and contribute to warmer collegial relations. In addition, it is anticipated that the effective use of positive behavior support practices will improve, leading to a decline in student misbehavior and victimization. Based on preliminary work they are confident that this approach can make a significant difference in both the lives of school staff and the lives of students.

The Teacher and Staff Wellbeing Project website is a great example of Vespagraphics' ability to support the dissemination aspects of nationally-funded grant proposals. We design websites, manuals, instructional aides, powerpoint/keynote presentations, etc. to help investigators recruit participants and publicize the results of their studies. If you are writing a grant proposal and would like written support for the design of a website, manual or any other publications/marketing/recruitment materials, fill out our contact form and we'll contact you quickly.